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Welcome to Roped in Coats - Episode 1

If you love beautiful girls tied up in coats and boots then this is the site for you.

Fur Coats, Winter Coats, Trench Coats, Leopard Coats, Puffa Coats, Riding Coats, Leather Coats, Pvc Coats, Rubber Coats, Long Coats, Short Coats, Hooded Coats
Plus of course, boots, gloves, hoods, caps and hats.

Violet, Malika, Shannon, Elyssia, Ruby, Flame, Imogen, Kat, Tori, Stacy, Dominick, Beckykat, Fern, Mallory, Drew, Alexia, Anita, Louise, Ivory, Lily, Simmone,
Elle, Deception, Saria, Siren, Ammalia, Celeste, Lavinia, Countess, Bexy, Jet, Jenvy, Jessica, Blossom, Madison, Scarlett, Jade, Luisa, Ariel, Kelly and Helena

This site is just a one off run with no updates at present. There is a one off payment only with no recurring membership subscription.
This site may include more episodes at a later date.
Do please give us your feedback, what you would like to see in any future episodes.

Five Hours of Bondage Videos and 3,700 Photos which has to be some of the best bondage value on the internet
All join ups are for a single subscription of $30.00 for a 30 day membership with no recurring fees.

All of these images really are original to us. Copyright © to all images, text and layout is owned by www.roped incoats.com. No unauthorised copying of photos or videos is allowed without permission.

Video Galleries Inside

No 1 - No Escape Possible
Violet, Imogen, Tori
12 mins 2 secs

No 2 - Padded Out
Elyssia, Flame, Malika
12 mins 19 secs

No 3 - In the Trenches
Malika, Elyssia, Kat
20 mins 50 secs

No 4 - Cold Weather Protection
Stacey, Dominick, Helena
11 mins 42 secs

No 5 - Coated in Bondage
15 mins 24 secs

No 6 - Leather Bound
Lily, Violet, Helena, Alexia
13 mins 22 secs

No 7 - Lazing Around
Drew, , Louise, Alexia
15 mins 24 secs

No 8 - On Tape
Ivory, Anita, Celeste
14 mins 33 secs

No 9 - Keeping it Tight
Malika, Shannon, Violet
13 mins 03 secs

No 10 - Outward Bound
Becky, Celeste, Mallory
13 mins 41 secs

No 11 - House Bound
Simmone, Helena, Ruby, Malika
15 mins 32 secs

No 12 - Fully Covered
Elle, Shannon, Helena
16 mins 21 secs

No 13 - Coated in Fur
Helena, Violet, Imogen
17 mins 53 secs

N0 14 - Tied Tight
Malika, Violet, Ivory
12 mins 20 secs

No 15 - Loving It
14 mins 12 secs

No 16 - Capping it Off
Kat, Celeste, Lavinia, Shannon
19 mins 43 secs

No 17 - Loving Rubber
Elle, Mallory, Countess, Kat, Bexy
21 mins 49 secs

No 18 - Riding Out
Helena, Deception, Siren, Ammalia
12 mins 10 secs

No 19 - Keeping it Short
Anita, Jet, Lily, Ruby, Helena
17 mins 45 secs

No 20- Better Together
Helena with Saria, Drew, Mallory, Kat
20 mins 50 secs

Photo Galleries Inside

Gallery No 1
Natalie, Jenvy, Elle,
Becky, Celeste

Gallery No 2
Helena, Scarlett

Gallery No 3
Elle, Lazuli, Bexy, Jessica

Gallery No 4
Blossom, Dominick,
Celeste, Shannon

Gallery No 5
Ivory, Kat, Mallory

Gallery No 6
Celeste, Siren,
Elle, Madison

Gallery No 7
Helena, Blossom, Celeste,
Jade, Bella

Gallery No 8
Celeste, Drew, Jessica,
Violet, Ivory

Gallery No 9
Helena with Dominick, Luisa,
Cherry, Jessica, Saria

Gallery No 10
Ariel, Becky Imogen, Celeste

Gallery No 11
Stacey, Elyssia,
Malika, Ruby

Gallery No 12

Jenvy, Kelly, Dominick,
Ivory, Shannon

There are also a few bonus photo galleries of Helena coated in bondage

Gallery No 13

Gallery No 14

Gallery No 15

Gallery No 16

Gallery No 17

A Few More Photos from the Photo Galleries

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